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Tim Turner

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Tim Turner bio


Tim is a husband to Amy of 19 years and father to Abbie and Cash, and a 21 year veteran at TMMK.  Over the course of time at Toyota, he has held a variety of positions,  GPC trainer for the Lexus ES350 plant, as well as, the team leader of the Quality Gate and Surface Damage.
Besides overseeing 3 team members who inspect the vehicles, Tim also assisted with countermeasures focused on identifying possible defects, ensuring that the Lexus customers receive the "perfect vehicle”.  In the first year of production TMMK Lexus line won the JD Power platinum plant award for best quality. This is the highest honor that an automotive plant can achieve. 

With Tim's ongoing commitment to Toyota, he helped develop an invention geared toward safety in 2008, and as a result, he was awarded a U.S. Patent.   In 2012, Tim implemented a project where a group of developmentally- challenged individuals gained employment at TMMK.  The group had been given the opportunity to sub-assemble parts for production.  By the means of employment, these individuals gained a sense of worth, pride and value within themselves.  Also within the work environment, Tim has been appointed as the Chairman of the Toyota Christian Fellowship business partnering group.  The Toyota Christian fellowship is a business partnering group to bring team members of faith together.  This creates a positive workplace where diversity and inclusion is used to find everyone’s strengths and use those strengths to better the company and community. 

Tim has also published a book entitled, " One Team on All Levels,"  which the first edition was published in January, 2011.  This book focuses on various TMMK team member’s life experiences, both their successes and struggles and how the company has developed them as people.  Tim has donated all of the profits to the bereavement fund for those team members at TMMK who have lost a loved one or is facing a difficult circumstance in life.

In 2017, Tim did the unexpected and retired from Toyota to pursue a career in the manufacturing world to broaden his knowledge across multiple businesses.  Tim is currently the Unit Quality Manager for his current company.  His responsibilities include working with the suppliers, manufacturing sites across 3 locations and communicates regularly with the customer.

​In 2018, Tim became a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, trainer, and coach.   A goal that he had long dreamed of that would help develop his speaking, training and communication skills.  This also helped Tim hone his Executive Presence.

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