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A Message from...

                     Mike Hoseus, Executive Director


     CQPO started from a vision by Toyota to share the Toyota Way Values with Education, Community and Business Organizations. The two core values of the Toyota Way are Respect for Humanity and Continuous Improvement. Wow! Isn't this the perfect time to work towards staying true to our values and sharing them with others during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

     I started working for Toyota in 1987 with CQPO conceived in 2002 and these values always stood firm. These values have always energized me and guided me.  My trainers taught me to ask, "How can we make things better every day for everyone?" I learned, "if it’s not a “win-win” for everyone then it’s “no good” Mike-san, and try again." Now, that’s a challenge, but one that gave me purpose and helped fuel innovation.

     My Trainers taught me how to use and implement Plan-Do-Check-Act or PDCA, on a continual basis at every level of the organization. I was taught as a leader, that I didn’t need to know everything or have all the answers, because life is full of problems and challenges and unknowns. No one has all the answers; but, if I can use PDCA to solve these problems in a way that everyone benefits, then it is “good” Mike San. Of course, I had a lot of “no goods” because this is not easy, but I was taught to learn from each and every mistake and to be better next time. They also taught me that I must be capable to learn and teach at the same time so that these values in which we believe spread and become “the culture” of the organization. 

     How refreshing and still energizing to me that during these unprecedented times these values still apply, and I will be challenged daily to live them out. I make this commitment on behalf of the entire CQPO team as we work through cancellations and postponements of our workshops and classes.  Steps have been taken to ensure the safety of our training participants and our valued team. Our goal at CQPO is to learn from this situation and continue to improve so that when this season ends, and we can safely resume trainings, we will do so “better than ever”. 

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