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High School Manufacturing Academy (HSMA)


The Purpose:  

  • To meet workforce demands of the future

  • To develop clear career pathways for advanced technical manufacturing

  • To understand manufacturing and related technologies


The High School Manufacturing Academy offers students an introduction to careers and opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing. Upon completion of the classes, students have a greater understanding of manufacturing and are better prepared for careers in Advanced Manufacturing.

The program offers students visits to key sites:

  • Bluegrass Technical and Community College Advanced Manufacturing Center

  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky

  • University of Kentucky, College of Engineering

  • University of Kentucky, Lean Management Institute

Overview of Curriculum:

Day 1 - Building Human Relations

  • Defining Lean Management

  • Building Work Values

  • Leaning by Listening

  • Working as a Team

Day 2 - Problem Solving

  • Defining Continuous Improvement

  • Using Meeting Facilitation as a Team

  • Learning the Problem-Solving Process

  • Solving Problems as a Team


Day 3 - Work Processes

  • Completing Multi-Tasking Exercise

  • Reviewing Safety Responsibilities

  • Defining 5-S Process

  • Understanding Ergonomics

  • Identifying Waste

  • Building in Quality

  • Making the Process Flow

Day 4 - Assembly Line Simulation

  • Building an Assembly Line with Given Goals and Time Limits

  • Improving the Process Using Key Points of Lean Thinking

  • Applying Problem Solving to Work

  • Developing Teamwork and Observational Skills

Day 5 - Final Assessment 

  • Working and Building as a Team

  • Final Assessment


Gene Childress, CQPO Senior Consultant

Call CQPO Direct:  502-642-7334

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