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The Center’s education work focuses on providing specific sets of classroom and training tools and processes that allow teachers and administrators to be more effective and efficient in their tasks. 

The Center's primary tools and processes are organized through 

QUEST with the mission of establishing a continuous learning environment of mutual respect and trust in school-related communities by teaching problem-solving processes and utilizing teamwork which improve all students’ ability to learn current curriculum and prepare for real life choices.



The Center’s business and industry work focuses on providing an integrated perspective and set of assessment tools for lean technical systems and human systems that allow business and industry leaders to design customized implementation plans for their organizations.


The Center's community work focuses on providing specific sets of training and facilitation tools and processes that allow members of community groups and non-profit organizations to be more effective and efficient. The tools and processes are utilized in relation to the requirements of the organizational situation(s) and specific needs. Often, assessments are conducted to identify key variables that affect the concrete situation.



Companies are discovering the benefits of using online training to help team members boost their knowledge and add cross-functional value to the organization. Always learning, growing, and improving is crucial to the success of any group or organization and is a fundamental part of solid leadership. This online course is about building LEAN culture. 

Building a LEAN culture starts with the leadership.

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