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LeanCor Online Courses

Companies are discovering the benefits of using online training to help team members boost their knowledge and add cross-functional value to their organization. Always learning, growing, and improving is crucial to the success of any group or organization.  LeanCor has created a variety of online courses covering LEAN fundamentals and about building LEAN culture.  Building a LEAN culture starts with the leadership.

With our partnership, we can provide discounts on courses offered on LeanCor's website. Below is more information about the courses, links to each course page, and videos about the courses. Use the form at the bottom of this page to receive discount codes. If you want to contact us directly, please use our Contact form.


LeanCor's courses vary in material, length, format, and language. Review the information below to determine which course is best for you and your group. With our partnership with LeanCor, we are able to offer discount codes for a few courses. Review all of LeanCor's products on their Products Catalog.

Lean Fundamentals: Self-paced Online Course

This is a refresher course covering lean topics such as waste, stability, standardization, 5S, flow, quality at the source, visual management. 
LENGTH:  90 minutes 
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced

Lean Leadership: Self-paced Online Course

Based on the book PEOPLE, this interactive course will provide the skills you need to build, manage and sustain a lean culture.

LENGTH:  16 hours of online course work
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced

Lean Problem Solving: Self-Paced Online Training Course 

Learn how to use an A3 problem-solving document to map out your process to uncover hidden waste, define a problem, discover its root cause(s), learn what solutions work best for different types of problems, prioritize improvements, successfully launch improvements & use PDCA to sustain improvements

LENGTH:  3 hours
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced

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